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Laubach Literacy of Ventura County, Inc.
Tutor an adult English learner PDF Print E-mail


When you don’t understand written or spoken American English… your life is at risk, your family is at risk, lives in the community are at risk… 


Can you imagine spending every day unable to understand… a traffic sign, a prescription bottle, your child’s report card, instructions to attend a parent-teacher meeting, an ingredient list at the market, instructions to prepare for surgery???

Not only that…. People who don’t understand or speak English well are faced with discrimination every day.

Every day in Ventura County, as many as two hundred thousand adult residents who came here from other countries do not understand written or spoken American English or American culture. This invisible handicap puts them at great risk for injury, exploitation, and lost opportunities. This is a public health and safety, as well as, a social justice issue not yet recognized as a serious matter by the public.

For over 45 years Laubach Literacy has been the solution for thousands of these residents who cannot attend ESL classes because of work, family, or transportation issues.

We need your help, Tutor an adult English learner…

See our workshop information on the News/Latest News tab

Help us inform the public about the free, unique and invaluable services we provide. Tell your friends and associates about us. Tell us about any person or organization that wants to support what we do.

Send any information or questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Celebrate Diversity but Learn English PDF Print E-mail


Beverly Wallace 30 year Laubach tutor PDF Print E-mail


Thanks to Mary Jo Merwin for bringing this to Colleens attention.


Change a Life Tutor an adult English learner PDF Print E-mail


How to learn any language PDF Print E-mail
This recent Ted Talk
offers valuable insight into learning any language..

How to learn any language in six months:
Chris Lonsdale at TEDxLingnanUniversity

Click link below to view on Youtube
 Learning language principles and actions

The Frank Laubach Story


The Frank Laubach Story

Laubach Brochure

View/Download our brochure here:
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