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Laubach Literacy of Ventura County, Inc.
English Language Day PDF Print E-mail

Language is the key to the American Dream


but It’s also a public safety and health issue


Lives depend on being able to read and

understand the yellow traffic sign.

Every day in Ventura County, thousands of adults suffer from an invisible handicap that puts them at great risk for injury, exploitation, and lost opportunities. Of the many obstacles faced each day, one of the most devastating is the inability to understand, speak, read, or write American English and understand American culture.

The majority of them cannot attend ESL classes because of work, family or transportation issues, or they are unable to handle American classroom expectations. Many of them have studied English in their home countries but are unable to apply that knowledge to everyday conversation here. Many study and attempt to use the language but are unable to be understood and become self-conscious and then reluctant to try.

Laubach Literacy is an all-volunteer non-profit that has helped people learn English for over 45 years in Ventura County at no cost to the learner or tutor.  Tutoring is done One-on-one at a time and place convenient to both parties, and in group conversation practice at local libraries. See the News/Latest News page for locations and times of group meetings.

Philippines Attracts English Learners on a Budget

America continues to lead the world as a destination for international students. Last year about 900,000 foreign students were studying in the United States, about half of them from Asia. But a growing number of Asian students are looking closer to home to study English - the Philippines.

Understanding of English Improves Worldwide

The world’s understanding of English appears to be getting better. The private education company EF recently released a report called English Proficiency Index. The report ranks English language proficiency in 63 countries into five categories or classes. Test scores also increase in the TOEFL.

Happy English Language Day! English Language Day is celebrated each year on April 23 – the date when tradition says William Shakespeare was born. Shakespeare has been called the greatest writer in the English language. His plays continue to be published, performed in theaters and seen in films almost 400 years after his death.

Many people consider English as the unofficial “world language” because it is so widely used. English is the main language of business and aviation. It is the most widely used language on the Internet and social media.

April 23 Is English Language Day

The first English Language Day was the result of work by the United Nations. A few years ago, the U.N.’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization created Language Days for each of the U.N.’s six official languages. The aim was to celebrate multilingualism – the use of different languages around the world – and different cultures. Another goal was to campaign for equal use of all six official languages throughout the United Nations. The other five languages are Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

The United Nations celebrated its first English Language Day on April 23, 2010. That day, a number of events were held at the U.N.’s headquarters in New York City. This year, the TOEFL program has announced plans for a ‘live’ question and answer chat on the social media website Facebook. TOEFL is also known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language. The group says the program is for students interested in learning more about its test and the English language.

To improve your understanding of American English, you have come to the right place: Everyday, you will find news and information in easy to understand English. Our stories and audio podcasts are based on a 1,500-word vocabulary, listed in our Learning English Word Book.

You can find classic “American Stories” on the website every Friday, Universal Time. On Saturdays, you can find “Everyday Grammar,” our newest series. It answers common questions about the language.

For English learners who want to learn through videos, we offer “Learning English TV,” “News Words” and “English in a Minute.” In addition, you are invited to take part in “Talk2US,” our Skype interactive program for English learners. This show is normally produced four days a week. A list of production times and the subjects can be found on our website.

I’m Jim Tedder.

George Grow wrote this article for VOA Learning English. Hai Do was the editor.

Limits of my World PDF Print E-mail

The limits of my language means

the limits of my world.

                          Ludwig Wittgenstein

A Powerful Approach to Teach Language PDF Print E-mail


A Powerful New Approach to Teach Language

Beverly Wallace 30 year Laubach tutor PDF Print E-mail


Thanks to Mary Jo Merwin for bringing this to Colleens attention.


Change a Life Tutor an adult English learner PDF Print E-mail


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The Frank Laubach Story

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